• 20 Things Life is Too Short For: Part 2

    life is too short to overthink everything

    I already talked about 10 of the things we do (or don’t do) that only waste our precious time. Here are 10 more: 11. Regrets. What’s done is done. It doesn’t really matter who did it or what it was. The past just loses its meaning in the present moment. And in order for us […]


  • 20 Things Life is Too Short For: Part 1

    life is too short not to travel

    Most of us live like they’re going to live forever, but let’s face it – it probably won’t happen. I’m an optimist but an important fact we should never forget is how mortal we are, and how short life is. The point of you being reminded of it each day is to realize that our […]


  • Happiness: 5 Mistakes You May Be Making


    Are you happy? That is the one and only question I ask the people I love when they are in doubt, have to make a decision, analyze their relationship, understand whether something is right for them and what they should do about it. I simply ask them if they are happy. And depending on the […]


  • Refinding Magic: Lessons from Alice in Wonderland

    How to Feel Good About Yourself: 13 Ideas to Boost Your Self-Worth

    You may or may not have heard of the theory that Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland – a book we all love and have grown up with – while on drugs, and Alice was a girl he was secretly in love with regardless of her young age. We’ll never know if that’s true but […]


  • 70 Signs of Spiritual Growth

    9 Practical Ways to Save Time by Doing Less

    I believe we’ve come to the time where we need to open our eyes for what’s going on around us. To see the world as it is, along with the things we usually remain blind for. I believe there is more than just the mundane life we know with its daily worries.People are sometimes too […]


  • How to Turn Your Life from Negative to Positive

    how to turn your life from negative to positive

    Have you ever come up to the point in your life when you just can’t go on like that? When you aren’t satisfied with your results and performance? When you don’t know what to do but are absolutely sure that this isn’t the right way to live? When you know that there is something more […]


  • How to Go Beyond Average: The Habit of Going The Extra Mile

    14 Amazing Business and Life Lessons We Can All Learn from Nikola Tesla - 7 habits of highly successful people

    “You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for.” Napoleon Hill Everyone is good enough for anything. But a small number of people are remarkable in what they do because they go the extra […]


  • How to Go with The Flow

    How to Work from Home Online: 5 Crucial Areas to Keep It Rewarding

    All the problems we have come from us not being okay with something and discontent with the way things (or we ourselves) are. We seek happiness in external sources (food, alcohol, other people, etc.) We don’t trust ourselves, we don’t believe we’re good enough or that we deserve a great life and are able to […]