early mornings how to enjoy them what to do

So much has been written about early mornings. And so much has been written during them.

Also, they are the time when some people are most productive and creative. The only time of the day when others can have some quiet time for themselves. The most pleasant part of the day for those who do some writing and reading while drinking tea or coffee.

In a nutshell, mornings are one of the best gifts in life. But only if we know how to enjoy them and make the best of them.

There’s no need to compare the life of an early riser with the one of someone who sleeps in and leaves the house in a hurry, right?

But it doesn’t matter whether you can’t really get up early, don’t like mornings or say you’re a night owl.

You can change that. And only then can you feel the benefits an early morning can offer you and the inspiration, joy and peace it can bring into your life.

I believe that getting up early in order to have time in the morning and drink our coffee and get ready for the day without any distractions can be considered the one habit that fixes almost anything else.

It boosts our energy, helps us kickstart the day, inspires and motivates us, gives us a sense of control (if you organize your morning, you can organize your day, and your whole life), fills us with hope and positivity, lets us feel successful and that we’re doing something to move forward.

The advantages of having early mornings are countless.

But how do you actually become a fan of it? How do you start enjoying it and find all that peace and inspiration I’m talking about?

How to Make The Most of Early Mornings

1. Give them a try by getting up early.

It all begins here. It takes some willpower, though. And you’ll just have to trust me if you haven’t really had a good early morning so far.

Just wake up really early tomorrow. Do that even if you go to bed late and haven’t slept enough. It’s worth it.

The earlier you get up, the better. I can’t really describe why 5 or 6 am feels so much more magical than 8 am, for example. It just does.

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2. Have a morning routine.

Rituals make things even better.

I’ll never stop talking about the power of having a morning routine. It’s what makes you more productive, positive, successful, inspired, energized and peaceful, if you repeat it daily.

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3. Enjoy the silence.

One of the good sides of getting up unusually early is that others will still be sleeping, there won’t be anything you have to do and you can just have that time for yourself.

It’s really beneficial to people who are busy throughout the day and feel like they are never alone even for a minute. Well, an hour or two in the early morning can change that.

4. Drink your coffee in peace.

morning routine infographic

It’s awful to drink it (or your tea, or just a glass of water) while you’re getting ready to go out, others just got up and everyone’s doing something, and there’s chaos in the house.

Instead, do that now. Have a coffee ritual. Brew it without haste and in the old-fashioned way, enjoy the smell, use a cup you like, add cinnamon or something else, and most importantly – drink it slowly. Maybe even add some music to that.

5. Do some inspiring activities.

Get a nice book and enjoy it. Do some morning pages, write down your thoughts, write a poem, journal.

Doing some reading or writing is a great exercise to wake up the creative genius in you.

6. Plan your day.

Another way to make the most of the morning is to use it to carefully plan out your day and think of all the things you have to do. This will help you get more organized, have some sense of how much you’ve done and what’s left, and also to decide what to start with.

Choose your most important tasks. That’s a great rule. Then start working on them.

What to expect after doing these things:

  • you’ll find yourself changing negative things in your life – you’ll go to bed earlier, be willing to work more and start new projects;
  • it’s a willpower exercise – finding the willpower to get up early every morning makes you stronger in every other area of your life;
  • you’ll find focus – in time you’ll concentrate better;
  • there won’t be so much stress in your days – having time for yourself, not leaving your house in a hurry, planning your tasks and getting some things done before most people have even started their day – all these are things that will remove the stress in your life, and – in time – will make you peaceful, you’ll live more slowly and will enjoy life more.

So what’s not to love about early mornings?

You’ll start seeing them with fresh eyes once you have that experience.

We’re used to think of getting up early as something we have to do when we got work, or even compare it to the time they were waking us up to go to school when we wanted to stay in bed so much.

But forget about that.

This time you’ll be starting your day in the early hours because you want to. You’ll be doing it for yourself, to move forward, get positive, jumpstart the day and be able to make the most of each one you have left.

What about you? Do you enjoy early mornings?