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By distributing genuinely useful merchandise affixed with distinct trademarks and logos, companies of all sizes can generate a serious following. To get your next outreach campaign started on the right track, consider producing some of the following promotional products for your organization: 

1. Calendars

Scheduling accessories are highly versatile for advertising purposes, particularly since they provide more than one static display for promos.

Monthly calendars are equipped with a dozen different signposts that are uniquely visible while remaining useful and unobtrusive. The dynamic format facilitates both chronological marketing assemblies and comprehensive portfolios of brand offerings

2. Bumper Stickers 

To get seen by a lot of eyes in no time, bumper stickers are the way to go!

These subtle vehicular adornments attract massive attention, and they can potentially garner exposure among thousands of individuals each day. 

3. T-Shirts

Clothing is a surefire method to boost a company’s public profile, and branded t-shirts are an unbeatable classic.

There’s retro appeal to wearable logos, and this vintage charm can translate into major consumer awareness.

In a counterintuitive fashion, it is wise to advertise gender-specific products by creating apparel designed for wear by the opposite sex. 

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4. Hats

In the world of apparel, hats are probably the best alternative to shirts, especially since they are primarily worn outdoors.

This marketing technique is making a tremendous comeback, and its resurgence is even prominent in government. 

5. Pens & Office Materials

Office supplies are always viable, and their vast business utility covertly creates a conscious association between productivity and the advertised brand.

Pens are the ubiquitous choice for branded promotional goods, and it’s undeniable that they really have a way of traveling around. Other clever designs include staplers and mouse pads. 

6. Business Cards 

In professional spheres, business cards are still the foundation of any self-promoter’s repertoire. However, traditional print is not the only mechanism of success anymore.

There are majorly innovative approaches arising in graphic design, and their effectiveness is downright surprising.

For example, magnetic business cards can be exponentially more impactful than their paper counterparts, mainly since they can be placed in a visible spot for long-term noticeability. 

7. Postcards

Mail correspondence is a commonly overlooked sector for branded advertising, and the cost of production is minimal.

This method is innately useful for reaching older demographics who are less technologically inclined. Blank versions can be procured for specified market implementation, and generic public service announcements can also be released. 

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8. Kitchenware

While branded kitchen materials might be more expensive than most branded marketing items, their return on investment is substantially higher.

Silverware, cutlery and dishes are easy options for capitalizing on the culinary industry. Disposable cups and plates have merit as well, but these strategies could backfire if recycling is not emphasized. 

9. Phone Cases & Accessories

A revolutionary style of branded marketing is enshrined in today’s mobile telecommunication field.

Phones are incredibly obvious in general, and imprinted logos have the added benefit of being captured in selfies that can be shared virally via social media.

Chargers are also excellent selections that may build intensive gratitude among potential clients down the line. 

10. Pharmaceutical Supplies

The medical industry is gigantic, and suppliers in the field are constantly seeking a breakthrough.

To get ahead in this industry, companies are manufacturing amenities to make the lives of patients easier. Pill planners and cutters are guaranteed to make a splash, and their free dissemination instills the charitable bonus of providing a public service. 

11. Technology

The future is digital, and the same can be said about promotional branding!

Electronic merchandise is finally affordable to produce on a large scale, so essential equipment should be a consideration for brands with a computerized demographic.

Reasonable possibilities include screen protectors, headphones, decals, styluses and keyboards. 

12. Sporting Equipment

Athletic industries are perpetually skyrocketing, and there always seems to be a shortage of sporting goods. Safety equipment is always a safe bet, and you also cannot go wrong with branded footballs, basketballs and soccer balls. 

13. Reusable Bags

For environmentally sound promotional branding, nothing works better than a reusable tote that helps eliminate the use of one-time plastics.

These convenient carrying units proffer an extremely efficient advertising technique for physical retailers and local storefronts. A handle bag also enables more creative expression than most of the aforementioned templates. 

Final Thoughts

A lot of marketing trends come and go, but this form of advertising stands the test of time.

Brand awareness is the fundamental key to success for any viable enterprise, and branded promotional materials are still the most effective way to cultivate widespread recognition from the ground floor.

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