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  • 8 Ways to Relax After a Long Week of Work

    How I Prepare for My Preventative Mastectomy: Manifestation & Mindset Hacks

    Working can be rewarding but it also can take a lot out of you. If you’re a busy person and have a demanding job then it’s very important that you take some time for yourself at the end of the week. Self-care and being kind to yourself will go a long way in helping you […]

  • How to Make Your Lifestyle More Active

    become emotionally independent

    If you feel your lifestyle is not nearly as active as it could be, you might wonder what you should do to change that. It’s a problem that lots of people end up dealing with when they realize that they’re no longer in shape and that they’ve been letting their health and fitness slide. Changing […]

  • The Strange Phenomenon of CEO Diet Habits

    What Your Failed Launch Really Means

    There is a reason that people become CEOs. They have a certain personality and drive that sets them apart from others. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice to be very successful in any business. The leaders of any big company are nearly always cutthroat and highly logical. They look at the […]

  • Worker Wellness: How to Balance Your Career and Wellbeing

    14 Amazing Business and Life Lessons We Can All Learn from Nikola Tesla - 7 habits of highly successful people

    It’s no secret that the modern world can be a stressful place. From the pressure of work deadlines to the never-ending stream of news and social media, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  When we’re under stress, it can be difficult to take care of our basic needs, let alone find time for hobbies or self-care. […]

  • Stressed at Work? Here’s What You Should Do

    What Your Failed Launch Really Means

    Stress is very common for workers in organisations across the world. Regardless of what job you do, you are likely to become stressed at some point. Sometimes, stress isn’t always a bad thing. Having a bit of stress at work can motivate you to work hard and get things done. Thus, you do whatever you […]

  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Quality and Unlock Your Best Self

    7 Tools & Practices to Manifest Your Epic Goals

    Adequate sleep is critical for optimal health. When you sleep, your body accomplishes thousands of tasks that are necessary for wellness. For example, the majority of muscle repair happens while our body is at rest. Waste is cleared out of the central nervous system so that we are better able to retain and process information […]

  • 8 Self Care Tips for Women to Try This Week

    4 Hip-Opening Yoga Poses You Can Do While Working on Your Laptop - self care tips for women

    Self care is a term that has become more and more popular in the last few years, and it is easy to see why. Self care is the act of doing things that help you feel relaxed, healthy, and happy. It is something that many younger people have brought to the forefront of our attention, […]

  • 6 Simple Ways to Deal with Anxiety During The Holidays and Make the Best of Them

    5 Simple Ways to Deal with Anxiety During The Holidays and Make the Best of Them

    The holidays are almost here. They are the time of the year for spending time with the family, enjoying the comfort of your home, preparing delicious meals, resting and not thinking about the hectic everyday life. But here are the things most people actually do during these days: shopping; trying to find the best gift, […]

  • 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Deal with Stress Right Now

    8 Evening Rituals That Help Entrepreneurs Stay on Top of Their Game

    Today, we live in a world that is more stressful than ever before. It seems like people expect more from us than they ever did in the past. For example, even though it is nice that people can work from home, it is also true that people never get to truly disconnect from their work […]