• How to Survive The Pandemic at Home Without Going Crazy

    How to Survive The Pandemic at Home Without Going Crazy

    The pandemic is taking a toll on all of us. But if you manage a busy household, your life might be more hectic than ever now. Here’s how to survive this period without going crazy: Start the day right. Deciding how the days will start and end is the foundation of organization and sanity at […]

  • How to Maintain Our Relationships in The Time of Coronavirus

    How to Maintain Our Relationships in The Time of Coronavirus

    The Coronavirus pandemic led to a mental health crisis and negative economic impact. The whole world is affected, as well as each country, but also – each individual. Maybe it’s that you’re practicing social distancing but also live alone and can’t visit relatives, which leads to loneliness and that can cause depression and even physical […]

  • 5 Tips to Network Like a Pro

    5 Tips to Network Like a Pro

    A common misconception surrounding networking is that the goal is to churn out as many business cards as you can, while giving your best elevator pitch to strangers. While parts of this are still relevant, this particular method is uncomfortable and, frankly, out of date. Networking itself can be an intimidating topic, especially if you’re […]

  • Philanthropy and COVID-19: How Billionaires Work to Pave the Way for a Vaccine

    how coronavirus affects bloggers - business property insurance

    The consistent media barrage surrounding the coronavirus has lead to conversations surrounding charitable and philanthropic donations for organizations and people economically impacted by the federally mandated “stay at home” measures. Influencers have begun using their platforms to request donations for Feeding America; celebrities hosted an At-Home Concert that raised over $10 million for First Responders Children’s Foundation, and Twitter […]

  • The 6 Different Types of Relationships You Must Form in Your Life


    What types of relationships do you currently have in your life and how happy are you with them? This article sheds light on the importance of the different kinds of relationships we must form. Whatever we love or hate about life, however we look at things and regardless of our interests and dreams, it all […]

  • Remove These 5 Types of Toxic People from Your Life This Year

    5 Types of Toxic People You Don't Need in Your Life Anymore

    The harsh truth is that there are certain types of toxic people in your life. And no matter how used to them you are, no matter how many years you’ve known each other, you know very well that they aren’t the best company. If you’ve set some big goals that require hard, focused work every […]

  • How to Use Power Words in Copywriting to Win Readers

    How to Use Power Words in Copywriting to Win Readers - What is a bad credit score

    The power of words in copywriting is something most people take for granted, but in reality, it contributes to almost 80% of most successes.  Using the correct word in writing your content helps the reader to focus on the critical message. These are the so-called power words. For instance, the use of’ you’ instead of […]

  • How to Stop Saying ‘Like’ and Be a Better Speaker

    Most of us do it some extent. Experts say it means we’re clever and thoughtful. Witnesses say it shows we’re stupid, lazy, or dishonest. I’m talking about filler words. The ‘likes,’ ‘ums,’ and ‘you knows’ with which we pepper our everyday speech. It’s not a sin. But it may be harming your career. You’ll now […]

  • 10 Public Speaking Tips to Overcome Stage Fright

    what is lifestyle design - public speaking tips

    Does your mouth go dry or your voice goes shaky while you are on stage? Do you hear your heart pounding right in your ears during public speaking? Do your hands tremble and your palms get sweaty? If yes, you have a phobia and are in need of the public speaking tips and strategies in […]

  • 7 Powerful Brainstorming Techniques That’ll Tranform How You Find Ideas

    7 Powerful Brainstorming Techniques That'll Tranform How You Find Ideas

    Looking to improve your idea conceptualization? Brainstorming has become the best method of producing ideas ever since it’s provided success to the first ones successful in doing it. Nowadays, companies find success in any endeavor they go through with the help of a healthy group session. Individuals also find a lot of ideas after they think and […]