• Remove These 5 Types of Toxic People from Your Life This Year

    5 Types of Toxic People You Don't Need in Your Life Anymore

    The harsh truth is that there are certain types of toxic people in your life. And no matter how used to them you are, no matter how many years you’ve known each other, you know very well that they aren’t the best company. If you’ve set some big goals that require hard, focused work every […]

  • How to Use Power Words in Copywriting to Win Readers

    How to Use Power Words in Copywriting to Win Readers - What is a bad credit score

    The power of words in copywriting is something most people take for granted, but in reality, it contributes to almost 80% of most successes.  Using the correct word in writing your content helps the reader to focus on the critical message. These are the so-called power words. For instance, the use of’ you’ instead of […]

  • How to Stop Saying ‘Like’ and Be a Better Speaker

    Most of us do it some extent. Experts say it means we’re clever and thoughtful. Witnesses say it shows we’re stupid, lazy, or dishonest. I’m talking about filler words. The ‘likes,’ ‘ums,’ and ‘you knows’ with which we pepper our everyday speech. It’s not a sin. But it may be harming your career. You’ll now […]

  • 10 Public Speaking Tips to Overcome Stage Fright

    what is lifestyle design - public speaking tips

    Does your mouth go dry or your voice goes shaky while you are on stage? Do you hear your heart pounding right in your ears during public speaking? Do your hands tremble and your palms get sweaty? If yes, you have a phobia and are in need of the public speaking tips and strategies in […]

  • 7 Powerful Brainstorming Techniques That’ll Tranform How You Find Ideas

    7 Powerful Brainstorming Techniques That'll Tranform How You Find Ideas

    Looking to improve your idea conceptualization? Brainstorming has become the best method of producing ideas ever since it’s provided success to the first ones successful in doing it. Nowadays, companies find success in any endeavor they go through with the help of a healthy group session. Individuals also find a lot of ideas after they think and […]

  • 3 Strategies for Ending a Relationship

    The Importance of Communication in Couples

    Getting married and then getting divorced is a normal practice throughout Colorado and the U.S. in general. According to the American Psychological Association, 90 percent of people who get married are below the age of 50. APA also suggests that while the number of people getting married is high, so are the number of people […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Oratory Skills Will Always Be Valuable in Business

    5 Small Business Taxes You Need to Know About - healthcare jobs without a medical degree

    We are so surrounded by digital communication that public speaking may seem like a relic of the past. But, for several strong reasons, we beg to differ. No amount of tech marvels can make up for lack of good oratory skills. It’s safe to say they are as essential as ever. How we go about […]

  • 5 Easy Ways to Master a Foreign Language Faster While in a New Country

    money management tips for students

    Being in a new country which speaks a different language from yours puts you in a sink-or-swim situation. You have to start learning the native language to hold conversations with people, move about the country, and generally make your stay much more pleasant. Learning a foreign language is one of those things most people wish […]

  • Top 5 Philanthropic Issues Today

    Auto Hitchhiking: Top 7 Essential Ways to Hitchhike The World

    Philanthropy is a word many hear, but few truly understand. While charities seek to ease the suffering of individuals caused by society’s many issues, philanthropy works on a much larger scale and strives to remove the root of the problem within society. For instance, catching a fish and giving it to someone is charity, while […]

  • How to Spice Up Your Relationship

    7 Bad Relationship Habits to Quit Right Away to Rebuild Trust and Love

    When a relationship begins, we love the excitement and surprises it brings. Each day seems like a romantic movie. You feel pampered by your partner which makes you feel even more special. But no relationship stays the same; every relationship faces ups and downs.  After a certain period of time, relationships tend to fade. This […]