• 9 Online Dating Tips That Work Every Time

    10 Creative Things You Can Do with an Oil Painting: From The Ideal Gift to Awesome Decoration

    Finding the second half on the Internet will be faster and more enjoyable if you follow some basic tips and have a clear direction of where to move.  To make your life easier, we have collected the most important and easy-to-follow tips on what to do and how to behave when dating online. 1. Make […]

  • Auto Hitchhiking: Top 7 Essential Tip to Hitchhike The World

    Auto Hitchhiking: Top 7 Essential Ways to Hitchhike The World

    Hitchhiking may be risky and even frowned upon in some countries but for the aficionados, it is an exciting, adrenaline-fueled way to travel the world and make new friends. And what’s more, it costs absolutely nothing! Back to reality, hitching free rides may not be as easy as it was in the good old days […]

  • Travel Girl’s Diaries: 3 Things My Southeast Asian Holiday Taught Me


    A few months back, I flew to Bangkok with the objective of spending two months in the Southeast Asian countries. Though I had done thorough research about these countries and had a clear travel plan in place, I had no idea what I was getting into. No amount of internet research can replace the experience […]

  • Negotiation Tips for Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

    Negotiation Tips for Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

    If you’re interested in running a small business or are already an entrepreneur, you probably realize how beneficial negotiation skills are when working for yourself. No matter which industry you’re in, being able to work on convincing other people to offer you more favorable terms or additional information will stand you in good stead over […]

  • How to Keep Control Over Incoming Information

    80 of The Best Blog Posts I've Ever Read That Might Inspire You Too

    In the 21st-century people get too much information. The human brain is loaded daily with 34 GB of different data. It comes to us from everywhere: by email, in social networks, advertising posts, TV, radio and so on. Moreover, half of this information is absolutely useless. We simply can not absorb and process such a […]

  • The Difficulties of 21st-Century Dating

    How to Make Your Career Goals More Achievable in 2020

    The difficulties of dating in the 21st-century could well be summarised in one word. Complication. A couple of generations ago, relationships seemed to be far more straightforward. Men and women who were hoping to find singles would head off to social situations where they would come across other singles looking to be paired up. The […]

  • 5 Must-Learn Negotiation Strategies Every Entrepreneur Should Master

    5 Must-Learn Negotiation Strategies Every Entrepreneur Should Master

    The room was filled with 40+ highly successful entrepreneurs. Out of curiosity, I asked, ‘How many of you consider yourselves ‘ultra-negotiators’?’ Only three hands went up.   Next, I inquired, ‘How many of you feel like you’re not strong negotiators and need to improve your negotiation skills?’ Amazingly, only one-third raised their hands. Finally, I […]

  • The Pros and Cons of Online Dating You Should Know About

    Join Me for Warrior Woman 2018 and Gain Focus, Energy and Inspiration [Free Online Event]

    One of the obvious positive aspects of online dating is it provides a practically unlimited supply of prospective partners. Not only this, it is possible to fine-tune the search for your ideal candidate based on a variety of parameters such as gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle or hobbies, and interests. This allows people to be far […]

  • How to Use Hand Gestures to Be an Engaging Speaker

    Public speaking can be a daunting task for anyone, but it is also an excellent way to promote yourself and advance your career, if you are good at it. There’s lots of ways you can prepare, to ensure that you know exactly what you’ll be saying and how you’ll say it, as well as coming […]

  • 6 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to Be Married to an Entrepreneur

    Why It’s Awesome to Be Married to an Entrepreneur

    Just do a simple Internet search and you will see thousands of articles revealing sage advice on how to be with an entrepreneur without going crazy or how to avoid divorce after you marry an entrepreneur. These search results aren’t likely to fill you with hope about your new life after marrying an entrepreneur. Does […]