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As the head of a particular group, you need to be able to get the most out of the followers below you.

It’s not a one-man show with a small community play little parts – those followers are all vital cogs; each and every one of them has significant parts to play.

It’s just a case of getting the maximum out of them in every single way. It’s quite simple to keep yourself motivated; keeping those around you motivated is an entirely new ball-game, however. 

How do you do such a thing, then? Whatever the situation: a working staff, a sports team, a group of friends – the leader always needs to be able to push the rest and make them kick on.

If you’re wondering how to get the very best out of a set group, then you’re in for quite a ride.

The human brain is so very complex, and we all do different things for all kinds of reasons. We can talk about the basics, though, because you don’t need to be a brain surgeon in order to figure those out!

Here are a bunch of ways you can get the best out of any team under your command:

1. Don’t Apply Heaps of Pressure

If you’re constantly pressing your foot on the gas pedal, then you’re only going to get so much out of your team. Constantly demanding the best at all times will tire so many people out.

You need to lay off for a little while and allow everyone to collect themselves. People perform better when they have little-to-no stress on their shoulders. 

2. Offer Essential Training

Teach your employees the following key skills this year and ensure that they are ready to be productive in the workplace this year. 

Internet security 

The first type of training you should offer for your employees this year is internet security.

We all know how important security is online and the amount of time we hear of big companies suffering data breaches can make us worry about our own safety.

Be sure to teach your employees the best practices of internet safety such as locking their computers when they leave their desk and creating strong passwords for all accounts.

Health and Safety 

The next important training you should provide to your employees is Kallibr health and safety training.

This will teach employees some of the key concepts of office safety such as how to carry heavy boxes safely as well as things such as electricity safety.

Ensure that you complete a health and safety training talk early on in your employee’s time with you and this will not only teach them something useful but it will also ensure that you are not liable should anything happen because you gave the appropriate training. 


This is more for the financial sector – however compliance of some form is present in all types of business.

Compliance is about the legal procedures of the company and how they use their data as well as claims they make.

When you complete documents such as privacy policies and terms and conditions you have to comply with some very strict rules. You also need to follow rules and regulations with the use of data such as GDPR law

Presentation skills 

One of the helpful tools you can teach to your team is how to present and talk in public.

This is a skill that is often hard to learn as people are instinctively nervous about public speaking however it is an important skill for you to learn this year.

Consider teaching your employees how to present information in a succinct and concise manner and ensure that they feel confident doing so. This is a skill that will be helpful for them later in their careers and it will make a massive difference to your employees. 

Time Management 

Time management is a skill everyone needs.

You can train your employees how to prioritize their tasks and how to manage their time effectively and this will make a massive difference to their working lives and their ability to be productive. 

3. Set an Example

If you want people to perform like you’re envisioning, then you need to show them yourself.

If team members see their superior in a laid back and unbothered way, then they’re going to mirror that exact image.

You need to set the right example for them to follow – you’re literally the leader in this instance. What is leadership if you’re not actually leading properly! 

4. Set Goals 

If somebody has no actual reason to do some work, then it becomes very difficult for them to perform to their potential.

We all need that motivation in life, and if there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, it becomes so easy to down tools.

Draw up some challenges or some goals for them to reach. It will absolutely make them speed up.

It’ll also make them feel as though they have an actual purpose – which is way more important. 

5. Be Honest 

Being completely open is the right way to go when it comes to conversing with somebody working under you.

Being dishonest and letting things hang in the air is a great way to break trust. It will also stop productive things from happening. Comfortable lies that head in the wrong direction is much worse than harsh truths that make everything right in the end. 

6. Have a Positive Environment 

Negativity does absolutely nothing for anyone. All it does it make people suffer twice when things go wrong.

If you want a productive group, then make sure you have an optimistic viewpoint. It’ll cushion blows and make the good stuff even better. 

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