There are many ways to improve your business.

Most business owners go for the standard ones. They change their prices, pay for advertising, build a new product, invest in employee development, talk to the customers to see what they struggle with, and more.

Yes, these are things we should all be doing to get out of the rut and even see business growth. But there are some opportunities you might be missing.

Here are some smart and easy ways to improve your business that most entrepreneurs don’t consider:

1. Mystery shopping.

Why not become a mystery shopper to see what exactly your customers experience when making a purchase, using your product or service, or interacting with your employees.

Mystery shopping also gives you a chance to study your competitors and how they do business.

While doing that, make sure you let go of the entrepreneurial mindset, and try to put yourself in your clients’ place. See how you’ll be treated, how you’ll feel about the brand, what aspects of the whole thing you won’t enjoy that much.

Then, analyze the results and see what can be optimized.

2. Get the help of accountants.

Investing in professionals to take care of your finances can be one of the smartest things you do to improve your business. If you already have that, invest more resources in it and change the way you use it.

A good bookkeeper might save you hours of tedious work weekly and you won’t need to constantly worry you’re doing something wrong or fear missing a deadline.

3. Instagram.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform and half a billion people are actively spending time there every single month.

What does this mean for you and your business? That you should set up an account with your brand name, create your strategy and start building a massive following by posting valuable content on a regular basis.

Use automation and scheduling tools, let your virtual assistant handle the content creation, and begin building your audience there.

You’ll see that on Instagram people are more engaged than they are on any other platform. Also, they are there 24/7 and want to see beautiful images and inspiring quotes.

So don’t make it all promotional. They want real value. Give them exactly that by sharing tips and practical advice related to issues in your niche.

Some big sites are getting most of the traffic to a landing page solely from Instagram. Others become influencers and make tens of thousands of dollars from their Instagram accounts daily.

Give this social media channel a try today and start building your little empire on it.

4. Help your employees get things done.

It’s one thing to pay for training programs, but it’s completely another to actually care about your staff and encourage productivity in the workplace.

Here are some ways you can have smart and efficient workers:

improve office design – a decluttered, eye-pleasing workspace with the right type of furniture and lighting can work wonders and make employees want to do their job well and improve their performance;

– make them share the company’s vision – in your next meeting, describe the big picture of where you see the business a few years from now. Spare no details, add emotion. Let your employees feel like they are part of all this. Then, ask them about their ideas on how to reach these goals faster. They might come up with some pretty creative ways to optimize the work process;

care about their level of happiness – you might have not considered this, but having happy employees can actually increase company profits. You can make sure they are always in a good mood and satisfied with everything at work by recognizing their accomplishments, encouraging them to grow personally, not just professionally, organizing events where you won’t talk about work but will still brainstorm ideas and discuss the market trends.

So that’s how you can take action and improve your business in no time. Of course, there are other things you can experiment with, like simply offering coupons. Offers like that grab your customer’s attention.

What other ways to see progress can you think of?