How to Plan Your Life and Never Be Stuck Again: 5 Steps to Succeed

How to Plan Your Life: The 5 Steps and 3 Rules to Get Started With

Wondering how to plan your life? The following guide will help you get started with the first steps.

Paradoxically, but being young, creative and ambitious, having a lot of courage, often we spend these talents for something insignificant.

We make money at a part-time job to pay for things we actually don’t need. We communicate with the wrong people. Waste our energy on tons of different activities we’ll never get benefit from.

Sure, fun and adventure are the inseparable parts of adolescence life. However, it is rational to start thinking about your future in advance—even if you don’t know yet what path will make you happy.

The best way to do it is to start planning your life now, so it definitely becomes the one you’re dreaming about.

Here’s Where to Start When You Plan Your Life

1. Vision: The Core of Your Life Plan.

Make your vision clear and apprehensible.

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • Where do you see yourself in one, two, ten years?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What person do you want to be?

Write the list of such questions and give honest answers. They will help you to imagine your life vividly, to create a picture in your mind.

If you’re a visual kind of person get a board and fill it with photos, stickers, motivational quotes. This will help you to stay on track when you feel a lack of motivation.

2. Preciseness.

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To learn how to plan your life, be precise as much as possible when creating your vision.

Think every little detail through. Describe when you wake up, what you eat for breakfast, what you do after that, what people surround you. Use a tool like RescueTime to track your time and get detailed reports. Sometimes we unconsciously waste so much time in unproductive activities that only slow us down on the way to achieving our life goals.

When your goal is uncertain, you don’t know what to do exactly, thus you feel confused and procrastinate.

On the contrary, when your goal is precise, you know what you have to do to reach it step by step.

3. Create a Step-by-Step Plan.

Divide your life plan into parts. Plan for a day, week, month, year.

When we start dreaming, sometimes our dreams seem improbable. This is not true. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Just don’t expect to achieve your goals right away after you see how to plan your life. Take one step at a time.

Yet, do not let routine absorb you. Every step you take has to bring you closer to your dream.

For instance, if you want to become a Chief Editor, the reading of 50 pages might be a good everyday habit for you. But offering the first draft of your article without giving it a few edits to all the publishers you know in town is not the one.

If you want to start an online business, you’ll need to learn how to build a profitable blog first and then monetize it.

Increase your odds of making your dreams come true by developing simple habits, not by trying to take over the world offhand.

4. Work with Deadlines.

It’s all about preciseness, again. Set the deadlines. They will help you to keep the race.

Even if you think you’re organized enough, set them. Life is full of unexpected events, and deadlines will help you to stay focused.

Also, you can reward yourself when you meet your deadlines or did something before them.  Some extra motivation can make a huge difference.

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5. Have Rules.

Simplicity is the key to successful life planning.

Allison Kress, PsyD, a psychologist in Laguna Niguel, Calif, suggested an easy 20-second rule for teens and youth. Before you make a decision that could influence how you plan your life, take a break and think it through for at least 20 seconds.

What are the consequences of this decision? Will it help you to become closer to your dream? How will it affect your lifestyle?

For students, for instance, it can look like this:

That could be about the big picture, such as what to do after you graduate. Or, when looking at each next action on your list, how to go about editing your essay.

In young age, the temptation to act impulsively is great, but the consequences of such deeds could be painful. Learning how to plan your life gets easier when you just take your time to make sure you won’t regret anything.

How To Stick To Your Life Plan

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After understanding how to plan your life, keep your written day or week plan at your fingertips (it could be the app on your smartphone).

Thus, when you suddenly have free time, you’ll have the chance not to waste it, but spend it on accomplishing some points from your list.

Also, it’s a great way to fight procrastination.

As soon as you catch yourself confused or procrastinating, you can check your plan and choose one item you can do right now (no doubt, you have such there).

Besides, if you move beyond your life plan, you could reward yourself again, and experience that amazing feeling of carrying out the promise you make to yourself.


If you want your plan to be fulfilled, learn to say “no.”

Inability to refuse must be one of the most popular problems people meet when they decided to stick to the plan.

Sometimes, it seems all the world is against you. Friends ask you to watch after their kids or siblings, everyone invites you to all the parties you can imagine, mates ask you to help them to run their start-up… Stop. Take a deep breath, and make a decision that won’t ruin your plans. Learn to prioritize and stand your grounds.

Sure, communication, friends, and contacts are important for success, but sometimes it’s just the wrong time. Think about your life because no one else will.


To get the motivation to move further, track your progress.

Noting the results of your everyday work, you’ll realize that even 20 minutes a day make a difference, and it’s not that hard.

Thus, your dreams are attainable for sure. All you need is to truly desire to make them come true and follow your life plan.

It’s your turn now that you know how to plan your life. Decide to do it now now, and welcome all the opportunities that will come your way.

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