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This is a guest post by Stephanie Norman, a contributing blogger and professional writer with 4 years of experience, covering writing, content marketing, and inspirational issues. Also, she provides editing service to Australian Writings, a company that offers assignment help for students. You can follow her at Facebook and Google+.

Working every day may sometimes be a pain in the ass. The annoying clock in the morning reminds you that you have to get out of your small paradise, brush your teeth, do whatever you do in your usual morning, and go WORK.

For most of the people, work isn’t a pleasure, and that, in my humble opinion, is a huge problem.

Think about it, if you’re working 5 days per week and you don’t really enjoy being at your workplace, it’s like you are living your life in a pure misery. You’re waiting for the weekend to come so you can finally be happy. Even though it sounds really harsh, you are wasting your life!

But what can you do to stay positive at work?

You may simply not enjoy your work, or you are full of disempowering beliefs, or you’re just not perceiving work as you should. No matter the reason, in today’s article you’ll learn some insightful tips on how to keep yourself cool and start enjoying your days at work.

It is essential that you won’t just read this article and move on. Instead, put at least a few ideas on how to stay positive at work into action, and you’ll notice how your work experience will slowly change to the better.

1. Never Stop Learning.

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There’s a really huge difference between a person who decided to stop learning things, and a person who continuously wants to improve his skills, mindset, and knowledge.

That difference also contributes at the general well-being of the individual.

People who are hungry for learning more things, are also hungrier for life. They carry a purpose, and that particular purpose is lifting their happiness and positivity big time.

Even if you’re not in school, you should really continue learning new stuff! Every work experience is different, and there are thousands of things that can help you later, only if you pay attention.

Instead of seeing your job as something boring, terrifying, and annoying, try to perceive it as a training for what’s about to come next. This way you’ll stay positive at work and do a better job.

2. Give Away Your Valuable Contribution.

Did you know that one of the primary human needs is the need of contribution?

Think about it. Doesn’t it feel extremely good when you know that you’ve helped someone get out of something bad? When you help others, something amazing happens. It’s a feeling of satisfaction which comes from that person’s smile and honest appreciation!

We often tend to forget about these important things in life, and we really shouldn’t.

What I’ve tried during the last years is to be extremely kind and helpful with my fellow colleagues. Whenever they needed help, I would give throw a hand. Whenever I learned something new, I’d also teach them during the coffee break.

By contributing on a consistent basis, slowly, besides crafting your reputation as a wonderful colleague, you’ll also gain positive feelings, which are totally related to your contribution towards others.

Work can be easier when you feel good!

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3. Create an Awesome Environment.

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I’ve changed a lot of jobs during my life, and most of them were office and desk jobs.

One particular occupation that helped me big time was freelancing. Besides the fact that freelancing life is really worth it, it also has its disadvantages. One of them is that you can often find yourself disorganized and in a total mess.

What freelancing made me understand was the fact that I need to keep myself, and the space I’m working, completely organized.

A study confirms that keeping your workplace environment messy can influence behavior and decisions, amongst productivity and positivity. Do your best to create the best environment to work in, and notice how good you’ll feel afterwards.

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4. Take a Small Break.

Even though you’re expected to work the whole 8 hours – after all, that’s why they’re paying you – it is completely impossible.

Your main purpose is to provide results, and help your company or employee make profits out of your work. Believe it or not, most of the bosses care more about how efficient you are rather than how busy you stay.

Taking small breaks during your worktime can, and surely will increase your productivity and positivity during your everyday hustle and will help you stay positive at work.

If you can, take small 5 minute breaks every hour, and take a sip of fresh air. It’s up to you how you organize your breaks, but make sure that you make time for them!

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5. Stop Thinking About Work in Your Free Time.

Balance is extremely important. Having time for yourself, your friends, your family, or your lover can boost your overall happiness.

So, instead of keeping yourself busy with thoughts related to your work, start living the moment and enjoy the valuable moments you’re spending outside of your workplace.

Even though there might be some pressing matters that you can’t get off your mind, you should plan ahead some hours in which you’ll take care of what needs to be done.

Focus during those hours, and you’ll get your job done in no time. The main idea is that work is already a really large part of your life; don’t make it bigger by thinking about it all the time!

6. Don’t Allow Fear of Failure Stay in Your Way.


Do you know what’s the biggest challenge to one’s success? FEAR.

People are so afraid to fail, like failing would be their end of life.

Fear of failure comes in many forms, and unfortunately, most of the times, it comes without you even realizing it. It lies in your subconscious and dictates your actions and decisions.

Sometimes you may be wondering why you haven’t taken that chance…that opportunity might have improved your life, but still, you didn’t take it. If you have a boss, you may be afraid not to get your head out of the box and do something different. Why? Because your job is in stake, I get it.

But now think about it, how in the world could you become better at what you do, stay positive at work, and get fulfillment at the end of the day, if you’re only following rules and never taking any risks?

Fear is getting in your way – get rid of it immediately, and reap the benefits of your courage!

7. Maintain a Balanced & Healthy Lifestyle.

Our life is all about experiences. Because you’re enrolled in a 9 to 5 job, half of the days are spent taking care of stressful matters, dealing with colleagues, and looking at the clock, impatiently waiting for the time to go home.

There is NO WAY you can remain positive if your life doesn’t have a certain degree of balance.

Balance means having friends, hobbies, time for yourself, and time for all sort of not work related activities.

Keeping a diet for example, or going to the gym every day. You should really organize your life in such a way that at the end of your day, you can think about what you’re doing, and have a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Focusing too much on your professional life can leave you with feelings of disappointment, and can often do harm to your happiness and positivity. Always try to be balanced!

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To stay positive at work isn’t easy, but it is far away from impossible. It’s all about your mindset and the actions you take every day. It’s about how you perceive it.

If for you the word “work” equals pain in your thoughts, then it will be painful.

You have to go to work anyways, so why not make an effort and begin making your everyday experience more pleasurable?

Being positive is a must, but without action and consistency, you’re doomed to fail. Take these insightful tips and put them in action immediately!

What about you? How do you stay positive at work?



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The downside to this is that living with these for an extended time results in elevated heart rate and affects your digestion, immune systems and blood flow.

But there are ways you can regain control over your life even in the midst of big changes.

The first is to take a step back and reflect on what’s actually happening and what your involvement is, which will help you to understand and find perspective on the situation. Hopefully, this will enable you to find the opportunities that every change in your life brings, rather than obsessing over any short-term negative impacts.

It may also help you to allow yourself a transition period where you adjust to the changes. But with a firm deadline by which you expect to have moved on and settled into the new routine. Even if it doesn’t quite work out that way, it will still push you towards visualizing the end of the uncertainty, which will prepare you to make it happen sooner rather than later.

On a more basic level, you need to remember to look after yourself during this time of change and the related stresses.

It can be too easy to fall into bad habits like neglecting your own simple needs, like a good night’s sleep and staying active and eating right when you are going through something like this. Having a day in your pajamas eating ice cream out of the tub is fine. But your body needs sleep, exercise and nutrition to keep you healthy.

Routine can be a comfort when it feels like everything in your life is changing.

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You also need the help and support of those around you. And having a strong support network is crucial when it comes to coping with big changes in your life. This means family and friends, but you could also seek out people going through similar experiences by looking online. There may well be communities who you can talk to and get helpful tips from.

Most importantly of all, you need to be aware of when you need more than just the love and support of other people to help you cope with stress and uncertainty. If you start to feel like your mental health is really suffering, or you have been feeling the symptoms of stress for more than a couple of months, you need to go and talk to a health professional to get the help you need to bounce back.

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