How Amber Lost Her Job and Became a Coach in The Middle of a Pandemic (+ an Intro to Human Design)

This is an interview with Amber Knight.

Hey, Amber. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I am a 27 year old Canadian living in the beautiful ski town of Whistler, BC. I have worked every job under the sun from server to nanny to admin assistant but now I am working my dream career as an empowerment and mindset life coach and Human Design practitioner.

I started my business just 5 short months ago on a whim with no formal experience, education or really idea what I was doing. What I did have was a passion to change the world and a lifetime of experiences that had taught me strength, resiliency and determination.

After surviving a near fatal car accident at 24 years old I embarked on a roller coaster of a self-growth and healing journey that helped me recognize my unique gifts as a leader and teacher and my purpose to guide women home to their true selves. Starting and running my business has been a direct result of that journey and growth. 

As a coach I help women break out of their boxes and re-claim their freedom by creating lives based on their own desires. I find that most women aren’t even aware of their conditioning and why they are living life a certain way, striving and hustling for things they often don’t even want.

They have dreams and desires but don’t know how to make them happen, and that’s where I come in. I guide women through the process of understanding the shoulds, the have tos and the expectations that are holding them back and help them begin to heal from a lifetime of fear, doubt and limiting beliefs.

Through my courses, workshops and 1:1 coaching I introduce women to their unique energetic blueprints through Human Design, walk with them through the darkness of understanding and healing their conditioning, teach them the mindset tools to begin living in alignment, inspire them to dream big and empower them to start taking action towards creating a life beyond their wildest imagination.

I may be biased but I think women are such beautiful, talented, powerful creatures who have the ability to radically change the world and I am on a mission to lead as many women as possible towards their path and recognizing their greatness in order to leave this planet a better place than when I found it. 

When I’m not coaching and changing the world you can find me in the bath with a good book (I’m Jodi Picoult’s biggest fan and a sucker for anything manifestation related), snowboarding on a warm blue bird day, watching Disney movies or playing Scrabble with my partner, and daydreaming in my journal. 

What was your life like before losing your job?

My life was HECTIC. I was working full time in a busy fine dining restaurant, I had just started a part time job doing HR for a job recruitment company, and in my “spare time” (which is a term I use very loosely because I barely had any) I was babysitting for a few different families.

Now you might think this sounds like a lot for anyone, and you would be right! But sadly this is how I had lived my life for the past 13 years, ever since I got my first part time job in a family friend’s bakery.

I was always balancing multiple jobs, school and babysitting gigs. This was all before I found Human Design of course, and so looking back through the lens of HD I can see that my poor Manifestor soul was working like a generator as if I had sacral energy; aka working myself straight into the ground.

I basically existed out of alignment, my not-self theme (Anger) was like the head mistress of my emotions, she ran the show. I desperately wanted to get out of the restaurant industry but had internalized this wildly limiting belief that to survive in the expensive tourist ski town I lived in I had to work a service job that provided tips.

I felt frustrated, depressed, exhausted, and most of all lost. I was making a decent amount of money but I was far too busy and rundown to even enjoy it. I barely saw my friends, I barely used my ski pass. My life existed of work, sleep and Netflix.

How does living out of alignment look and feel like, and what did you do to change that?

One word- ANGRY. I was SO angry at the world. I was angry at my boss, at rude customers, at my boyfriend, at the bus driver, at my landlords, at my friends.

Everything triggered me and nothing ever seemed to go my way. I was stuck in this victim mentality of life happening TO me rather than FOR me, which just made me spiral deeper and deeper out of alignment.

I would feel anger and absolutely EXPLODE and then I wouldn’t be able to snap myself out of it. I spent hours every single day raging and yelling and crying. My boyfriend, friends and coworkers walked on eggshells around me and were utterly confused as to why I was so easily offended and upset.

This led me to feel guilty and ashamed and to create stories in my mind about people not liking me and not wanting to be around me (looking back there was probably some truth to those stories, and for good reason!) Basically it was a miserable and confusing existence. 

Now that I’ve made the effort to start living in alignment with my Human Design and my truth, when I find myself slipping out of alignment it looks and feels a little different.

Yes I do still feel anger; this will always be my not-self theme so it’s not going anywhere. But it’ll feel more like starting to lose my temper or I’ll catch myself snapping and almost immediately become curious about what’s going on and take steps to shift that energy and get back into alignment ASAP. 

The very tip of the iceberg of me beginning to experiment with alignment actually happened at the end of 2019 when I read You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero while I was in Bali. I had brought it with me, along with 6 other novels, and once I tore through those novels I figured I might as well crack it open.

Thank god I did because this book changed my life! I call it my awakening book, the book that opened my eyes to how my life could be and helped me embark on the long journey home to myself.

Fast forward to early 2020, what helped me really shift back into alignment was committing to doing a Happiness Project. Before COVID happened and I lost my job, I picked up The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. This book had been sitting on my shelf for years and had moved with me to 3 different houses, but I had never bothered to open it.

After my awakening in Bali I began to devour personal development books and this was just there, easily accessible on my shelf so I gave it a try. It inspired me to start my own Happiness Project and so at the beginning of March (which is also when I began to dip my toe into Human Design) I started the first month of my project with the theme ENERGY BOOST.

I set out two goals- to move my body every day and to start following a morning routine. I created a tracking sheet and dedicated some time every few days to blogging about how it was going. I immediately began to feel a difference in my energy and notice a difference in my mood.

When COVID hit Canada and I lost my jobs it was a blessing in disguise. I continued with my Happiness Project for the rest of March, April and May, and then decided to let it go and pursue other avenues of self-growth and personal development. 

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What were the big and scary decisions you were called to make in 2020?

Oh my gosh, SO MANY! The first one was signing up for my Human Design certification. This was the first big decision I made using my emotional authority and the HELL YES that I came to after riding my wave made absolutely zero sense.

I was committing to a year course that was a multiple 5 figure investment at a time when I had no job and was living off of government COVID assistance, not to mention at this point I had yet to start my business and didn’t even have the faintest idea of becoming a coach.

But if I’ve learned anything from living in alignment with Human Design, trusting the universe and following your truth it’s this- it doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not, all that matters is that it FEELS GOOD. And becoming a Human Design practitioner felt so damn good! 

Some other big scary decisions I was called to make in 2020…

  • Launching my coaching business with nothing but a fierce passion to change the world and zero clue what I was doing 
  • Hiring my own life coach and draining my bank account to pay for it, something that I would never have dared do before working on my money mindset 
  • Quitting my stable, flexible, comfortable HR job (which I had previously returned to in the summer) to go ALL IN with my coaching business 

How did you get into Human Design?

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Honestly it was so divinely timed and guided! It was mid February 2020 and I had been casually babysitting for a local family since December.

One weekday the mom (Rebecca) asked me to babysit her little boy while she took an online course for a few hours. At the end of the day I asked her what she was studying and she told me about Human Design and suggested I check out this life coaching duo she was learning it through.

I’m a sucker for anything that will potentially help me understand myself better (astrology, Enneagram, surveys, you name it) so of course I went home and started researching right away.

Funnily enough I originally thought I was a manifesting generator as the site I used to find my chart didn’t recognize the city I was born in. And even though I could relate to some parts of it, I did not resonate with the generator part of my chart and began to feel like there was something wrong with me!

Luckily I found my correct chart, learned I was a Manifestor, and it was like the rose coloured glasses came off and I was seeing the world in full HD (no pun intended).

This is the divine part of how I found Human Design… or rather, how HD found ME. The only reason I had started babysitting back in December 2019 was because I had been fired from my job for standing up against being bullied.

It had absolutely crushed me at the time and I found myself in a very dark place. I joined the Whistler babysitting page because I needed to pay rent and the very first family I ended up babysitting for was Rebecca’s. They needed a last minute babysitter, the kids loved me, I ended up hitting it off with Rebecca and I became their go to sitter.

So long story short, being fired from my job was the best thing that ever happened to me! The universe knew exactly where she needed me and made sure I was there.  

What made you invest 5 figures in a Human Design certification and how did you find the money?

Honestly it was entirely intuitive. Human Design changed my entire life and, being the Manifestor that I am, I knew that the people in my world needed it.

I had this little niggling feeling that Human Design found me for a reason, and that reason wasn’t just to use it to change my own life but to help other people (especially women) change their lives as well.

When I heard about the HD certification that I’m currently a part of it was like that little niggle started turning cartwheels inside me, and I just couldn’t ignore it. I reached out to the coach running the program, asked a few questions and told her I was going to ride my emotional wave to make a decision.

I remember the moment I made the decision so clearly. I was riding my bike to a babysitting shift, listening to music and the song Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld came on. I was pumping up a hill, really getting into the beat when I heard the lyric “I know how to scream my own name”.

Chills ran through my body and I immediately started sobbing. I had this overwhelming feeling of being exactly where I was meant to be and who I was meant to be. In that moment I knew that signing up for this course was my next right move and I paid the deposit the very next day. 

Luckily I have always been really smart with money so I had some savings before COVID happened that allowed me to pay the deposit for the course. Much like the rest of Canada I wasn’t working at the time I actually decided to sign up so I ended up using some of my CERB money (government assistance) to pay my monthly bill throughout the summer.

Once I launched my business in September and also returned to my HR job (which I’ve since quit) I was able to start paying the bills with my own income, which felt so incredibly powerful and divine. 

How did the year-long program benefit you?

I’m actually still in the program! This is month 7 of the certification. So far the biggest benefit has been learning the foundational pieces of Human Design, which has allowed me to begin offering basic readings and helping my 1:1 clients begin to embody and align with their designs.

I’ve also been able to understand myself, my partner and my closest friends on a much deeper level through this program. Every decision I make and action I take whether in my business or personal life is based on my Human Design, so this course has really helped bring more ease and joy into my day to day. 

What’s Human Design exactly and how does it work?

In a nutshell, Human Design is the energetic blueprint to how you are meant to operate and show up in this lifetime. Think of it as a guidebook with tips and tricks and secrets all personalized to YOU and how you can reach your fullest potential.

Human Design is a fairly new method of understanding ourselves (divinely channeled by Ra Uru Hu in 1987) based on a number of ancient systems including astrology, the chakras, the I Ching and a few others.

Your personal design that is unique to you is based on your birth date, time and location. An entire chart is made up of many different aspects that all work together to create your energetic blueprint but the most important foundational pieces to understand are your energy type, your strategy (how you lead), authority (how you make decisions), and your defined/undefined centers (how you give and receive energy).

Just to give a little idea of the variety amongst humankind, there are 5 different energy types that all have their unique gifts, talents, skills and ways of being

Manifestors (that’s me!) are the trailblazers and initiators of our world. They are meant to birth new ideas into the world and get the ball rolling on movements, projects, change, etc. They make up a very small 9% of the population.

Generators and Manifesting Generators (they have a similar energy type with a few key differences) are the lifeforce energy of our world. They are the doers, the energizer bunnies, the go getters and the motivators. They take the manifestor’s idea and make it happen. They make up about 70% of the population combined.

Projectors are the overseers or wise owls of our world, making sure that the well-oiled machine that is life is in good working order. Their job is to see what’s going on from a bird’s eye view, taking note of what’s working and what’s not and sharing their knowledge in order to refine, tweak, guide and make more efficient. They make up about 20% of the population.

Reflectors are the mirrors of our world. They observe and absorb the energy of what is going on around them and then amplify it back in order to be an example of what is working and what isn’t. This rare energy type makes up only 1% of our population

Like I said, the point of understanding, aligning with and embodying your Human Design is to begin operating at your fullest potential.

We live in a patriarchal society with strict unwritten rules, norms and expectations that lead to a lot of conditioning that tells us we all must do, be, think, speak, believe the same way and the reality is that this rigidity is what’s creating so much discord in our world.

Understanding your chart allows you to see where your conditioning most likely lives, where it possibly could have come from, how to heal from it, and then how to get into alignment in order to live a life that feels good for you and a life that benefits the collective. 

If you’re interested in discovering your design head to MyBodyGraph and plug in your birth information (birth time must be exact to generate your accurate chart).

What’s your Human Design and what does it mean for you?

I am an emotional manifestor, and proud of it! After understanding my energy type everything shifted in my world. It was like I’d been staring into a kaleidoscope my entire life and lowered it from my eyes to see life finally make sense.

Being a manifestor for me means being a leader. Manifestors are the initiators of our society and I live and breathe this part of my design. I am a trailblazer through and through.

Take Human Design for an example- I was learning and talking about it well before anyone in my world jumped on board and started paying attention. I am usually 10 steps ahead of people with an idea, confusing the heck out of them but always with a purpose to make the world a better place.

I have a very big, bold energy that can sometimes be intimidating or a little off putting, which used to make me feel like I needed to dim my light in order to fit in. Now that I am in alignment with my design I shine brightly, I play BIG and I lead confidently.

As a manifestor my strategy (how I lead) is to inform. This means that as I am initiating, trailblazing and birthing new ideas into the world I need to be keeping other people in the loop.

The other energy types don’t move as quickly as manifestors so not informing can lead to overwhelm and confusion. It is important to note that informing is NOT asking permission or convincing; manifestors are always meant to be following what lights them up and then going out and doing regardless of what other people say, think or do.

Informing is almost like a formality or a gesture of goodwill. If I inform then I’ve done my part. If someone doesn’t like what I’m doing (which happens A LOT in a society of people living out of alignment) it’s my responsibility to continue on my path and not attach to any resistance in my external world. 

Human Design Authorities

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My authority (or decision making center) is my solar plexus, meaning I am an emotional authority. There is a hierarchy of authorities based on which center(s) you have defined. From first to last the order is:

  • Solar Plexus
  • Sacral
  • Spleen 
  • Ego
  • Self/Identity
  • Sounding Board
  • Lunar

Having an emotional authority means that I make decisions by riding my emotional wave. As a naturally emotional being (the result of having a defined Solar Plexus) my entire life will be made up of highs, lows and plateaus. In order to make a decision I need to ride the entire wave to the very top and the very bottom before returning to neutral to make the decision. Here’s an example of what that looks like…

Recently my friend asked me if I’d like to partner up on a business idea she had. She briefly explained it to me over the phone and I felt excited and interested. I told her I’d get back to her after riding my emotional wave.

I went about my day (lunch, work, errands) and pondered the idea throughout. I went down to the lowest of lows wondering if the idea was a good one, if we even had the money to make this happen, if I had the time to get involved in another project.

Then I skyrocketed to the highs imagining how many lives we could positively impact with this idea, how amazing it would be to go into business with my friend, how this project could change our lives. Then I came back to neutral and asked myself “do I want to do this?”

This is the most important part to understand- you must come back to neutral to make the decision, which shows you’ve ridden the entire wave. When you make the decision you’ll usually be in a calm state even when you’re choosing something wildly exciting. This is okay! You’re not meant to feel the same as you did when you were riding the high.  

The Not-Self Theme

Every energy type has a not-self theme, which is essentially their emotional state when they’re out of alignment.

As a manifestor my not-self theme is anger and my god does this ever make sense for me… I lived the majority of my life wildly out of alignment until I found Human Design and the best word to describe my emotional setpoint was angry.

Today I embody and align with my Human Design in everything that I do but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have moments where my not-self theme shows up. What this looks like is snapping for no reason, losing my temper, feeling annoyed, raising my voice, stewing in feelings and stories of victimhood, and sometimes full-blown rage.

I personally do not believe that our not-self themes are bad but rather indicators that we’re repressing, numbing or distracting and need to do some shadow work in order to get to the root of what’s causing the feeling.

For me that looks like releasing the anger in a healthy way- I scream into my pillow or get the stories out of my head and into my journal. Then I ask myself “what is mine here?” and start unraveling the feelings in order to come back to my setpoint of peace, which is my alignment theme. 

Defined and Undefined Centers

As for centers, I actually have a lot of definition in my chart, meaning I have a significant amount of fixed and consistent energy.

To give a few examples- I have a defined throat center, meaning I have a clear and concise way of verbally communicating. I also have a defined root center (which is the adrenaline center) meaning I handle stress and pressure well.

In terms of undefined centers- I have an undefined sacral, which means I don’t have that consistent lifeforce energizer bunny energy that generators and manifesting generators have. But when I’m in their aura I absorb their sacral energy and I’m able to use it to go go go.

I also have an undefined G center, which is all about love, direction and identity. This means that I have a more fluid sense of identity that is always changing and evolving based on my environment, who I’m with and what feels good in the moment.

There is so much wisdom in the centers in regards to both who we are as our true selves and what conditioning we have, and I cannot recommend enough having a reading done to begin to understand the difference. 

Specific vs Non-Specific Manifestors

Even if your energy type is not a manifestor, everyone can manifest and you’re either a specific or non-specific manifestor.

Being non-specific means you manifest based on what you desire to feel, and being specific means you manifest based on what you desire to have.

I am a specific manifestor so for me this looks like visualizing exactly what I want, down to the very nitty gritty details. I have a gorgeous vision board on my wall with photos of the exact places I want to travel to, crystals I want to add to my collection, plants I want in my home, people I want to work with, etc. When I meditate on, write or talk about my desires they are very detailed, almost like painting an exact picture or recalling a memory.

A non-specific manifestor will still know what they want but their descriptions will be more about how experiencing their desire makes them feel.

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Do you encourage everyone to find out their Human Design and if so, why?

Yes! I literally tell every single person who even just breathes in my direction about Human Design, which is totally the Manifestor in me. We’re usually 10 steps ahead leading the pack.

Sometimes I get strange looks and blank stares but most of the time people are really intrigued. What I find is that most people spend a good portion of their lives trying to “find themselves”, which is fantastic!

I love when people have a desire to understand their true self. But it can be challenging to do this while wading up to our eyeballs in conditioning- you know, the shoulds and the have tos and the expectations.

We are all conditioned in one way or another (especially women) and the more we live by our conditioning the farther away we get from who we were always meant to be and the life we were always meant to live.

The beautiful thing about Human Design is that it’s not only a blueprint of how you are meant to show up in and navigate this life to your fullest potential, it’s also a guide book to understanding where your conditioning comes from and how to undo it.

I believe that the discord and destruction we see around the globe can all be traced back to one thing- people living out of alignment with their true selves.

If we all were given the opportunity to come home to ourselves, the world would be a much more peaceful place. And I believe coming home to ourselves and living in alignment with our individual truth starts with understanding and embodying your Human Design. 

What made you start a coaching business?

Again, it was entirely intuitive and actually so divinely guided. Looking back I can see that every decision, interest, passion, obstacle and detour was leading me to becoming a life coach.

You could say that I’ve been a coach my entire life. I’ve always been the girl giving advice, standing up for change, encouraging people, empowering my friends. I also always knew that I had a big mission and that whatever work I did was going to have a huge impact on the world, I just didn’t know exactly what work that would be.

I wanted to go to university and get my teaching degree but ended up getting my Bachelor’s in Communications with a minor in tourism instead, thinking I would be a journalist or event planner.

After graduating I circled back to the idea of teaching and got accepted to grad school, the plan being to get my Masters then PhD and eventually teach university. That plan was put on hold after my car accident in 2017 and I spent the next 2.5 years feeling a little lost and a little stuck, not quite knowing what I wanted out of life anymore.

That all changed after I went to Bali and devoured my awakening book, “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero. This was my first real introduction to life coaching, and I remember thinking “I could do this! I could use my story and experiences to help people”.

It was actually such a beautiful “aha!” moment realizing that life coaching was how I was going to fulfill my dream of teaching- getting my Masters didn’t work out because I wasn’t meant to be limited to just the classroom.

Never in my entire life had I felt so much clarity about my future. Fast forward to summer 2020 and I’m on this self-growth journey, making radical changes to every part of my life to start living more in alignment… and I realize that the biggest part of my life that is out of alignment and that I’ve been strategically avoiding is my career.

I had decided that I definitely wanted to be a life coach but I was waiting to pursue it until my lawsuit from my car accident was settled and all of a sudden I just couldn’t wait any longer. I could not live in full alignment if I was allowing myself to settle for anything less than what I wanted.

So one day I just declared to the universe “it’s time to become a life coach” and that very day I channeled my business name (Freedom Femme) while I was in the bath and launched my Instagram page. It sounds so simple and really it was- I desired something different for my life and just decided to go for it. 

What steps did you take first to become a coach?

small business apps

It really just happened so fast, I’m not sure there were any specific pre-meditated steps that I took. To be honest I’m 5 months into my business and still taking steps to become a better coach!

Before taking the leap and launching Freedom Femme I of course rode my emotional wave in order to decide if this was the right move for me. After it was clear that YES, this was the direction my life was meant to go in, I created my Instagram page and began posting content.

I had been off of social media for three years after my car accident so Instagram was a whole different ball game than I remembered. One of the first steps I took was to learn the basics- stories, filters, reels, etc.

Then I joined a 12 week business course, which helped me get clear on my soul client and create my first offer, amongst other biz basics. Then I hired my own life coach. Then I began my Human Design certification, which I knew from the beginning would be the foundation of my business.

All of this took place within the span of about a month so it all happened very very fast. In terms of coaching certifications or programs or courses I haven’t taken any, which is sometimes surprising to my clients and audience.

I am an empowerment and mindset coach, and a Human Design practitioner, but I’m certified as neither (yet) and I’ve never let that hold me back. I believe that life coaching is such a personal experience and there’s no one universal rule book on how to do it properly.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the story that a coach must have fancy qualifications and years of experience and proof of outcomes but I don’t think any of this is as important as a real aligned connection between client and coach.

In my opinion the best coaches are the one who have lived wildly colourful lives and survived to tell the tale. I have lived and grown through so many trials and challenges, and that is what makes me a good life coach.

So in terms of steps, I didn’t take any big ones in the months leaping up to me becoming a coach. But really my entire life was a series of steps leading me right here to this place where I am now helping women change their lives, and I think that’s more meaningful than any official planning or prepping or learning I could’ve done. 

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Who are your ideal clients and how did you find the first people to work with?

My ideal client is the awakened woman who is ready to step into the next chapter of her life. By awakened I mean the woman who has had some kind of spiritual smackdown that has caused her to start shifting away from her old way of being and start opening her eyes to her desires.

My spiritual smackdown was my car accident but I’ve worked with women who went through a breakup, lost their jobs, traveled solo, or read a book and came to their awakening- it’s a deeply personal experience.

I don’t know if you’ve read “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle but she talks a lot about feeling as though life were supposed to be more beautiful than this. My ideal client feels the same way. She knows she is destined for more than the life she is currently living and she is committed to finding out what that is and making it happen, but she doesn’t know how.

She has started to do the inner work (mindset shifts, becoming aware of patterns, stepping out of victimhood) but is still feeling stuck in her doubts, fears and limiting beliefs. She is living a “good enough” life, she has ticked all or most of the boxes, things look great on paper, but she isn’t feeling fulfilled.

She’s started to become aware of her own desires and believe that they can be hers. She may want to start a business, leave a relationship, move across the world, write a book or simply bring more joy and peace into her everyday life. Whatever the goal, she is ready to commit to the journey and do the work to start creating her dream life.

I always tell prospective clients that I am not here to save them, I am here to help them save themselves. My clients are ready to save themselves and it is an honour to witness them step fully into the version of themselves they were always meant to be and start creating their dream life

What do you currently offer as a coach?

Right now I offer a range of services from my free FB coaching group “The Freedom Femme Society” to my high level 1:1 coaching package.

I launched my FB group in December on a whim as a place to host free masterclasses and workshops, and it has quickly grown into a beautiful community of women eager to learn and grow together.

My 1:1 coaching package “The Freedom Method” is a 3 month commitment to coming home to your true self through mindset shifts, manifestation work, Human Design and various other techniques.

During this time I work with clients to break out of their boxes, identify their limiting beliefs and create new empowering ones, start to uncover their own desires and begin to re-claim their freedom by creating a life of alignment.

My most popular offer for sure is my Human Design readings, which are 1:1 75 minute sessions over Zoom where we dive deep into the foundation of a person’s chart (energy type/strategy/authority/centers), where conditioning may be coming up, shadow work themes to release conditioning, and how to utilize one’s strengths in business, relationship and personal life. These are always incredibly sacred sessions that leave people feeling energized and empowered and leave me feeling so wildly humbled and grateful for the opportunity to help people come home to themselves. 

Oh my gosh I have so many things on the go right now! I have an idea parking lot at the front of my journal that is full of juicy offers and programs I cannot wait to birth into the world.

For now, I am working on creating my signature course Journey Back to Freedom, which is the very first course idea I ever channeled. I’ve been sitting on it for months and I am so excited to finally be putting it together and launching it this year.

Journey Back to Freedom is a 6 week program of coming home to your true self, stepping into your power and re-claiming your freedom. Each week there will be two live sessions- a training based on one of the steps of my Freedom Method as well as an integrative activity.

Think yoga sessions and EFT and guided meditation. There will be a workbook to go along with the entire course as well as a live Q&A at the end. The tentative start date for Journey Back to Freedom is sometime in mid-April so stay tuned!

I am also in the process of putting together a 4 week course called The Brave You, which is a 4 step method to getting started on creating your dream life. Each week I’ll be hosting a training and a live Q&A where we get clear on our desires, work through limiting beliefs, take aligned action and begin to manifest our dream lives.

I’m really excited about this course because I see so many wildly talented women stuck in the waiting energy- waiting for the right time, waiting for the perfect partner, waiting for the money, waiting for a sign. I want to eradicate the waiting energy and help women take action on their dreams right here right now by declaring that they are ready.

What was the scariest part of becoming a business owner in the middle of a pandemic?

Personally, I don’t think there was anything scary about becoming a business owner during the pandemic. I was very lucky to have spent time in the realm of life coaching as a client and student before launching my own business. By doing so I learned that the industry was booming as people shifted their businesses online and made career changes.

From the very beginning I knew that the timing was divine and that this was an opportunity of a lifetime to get in early on an industry that was about to explode. So I never had any fears about becoming a business owner in the middle of a pandemic; I did, however, have many fears about becoming a business owner in general.

The scariest part of embarking on my entrepreneurial journey was probably not knowing if it was going to work, which included not knowing what the heck I was doing! I was completely on my own, navigating the building blocks of creating a business, having to decide what turn to take at every intersection with no previous experience or knowledge.

For the first few months I was entirely out of my comfort zone and continually launching myself into the unknown with no idea where I’d land. THAT was the scariest part for sure but also the most valuable. It taught me how to trust myself, how to walk with my fear and let it lead me towards my desires, how to surrender control and ultimately how to run my business in a way that worked and that felt good. 

What are some books, programs or people that had the greatest impact on your journey?

I cannot sing this book’s praises enough- “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero is an absolute MUST READ! This book changed my life, my mindset, my bank account, my attitude, literally everything about me and I am so forever grateful I unintentionally picked it up. 

“Untamed” by Glennon Doyle is another book that radicalized my life and had a huge impact on creating my Freedom Method, my WHY and how I coach. I’m actually in the middle of reading it again with the weekly book club I lead. This book opened up my eyes to the invisible box I had spent 27 years living in and gave me the courage and power to break free from it. Again, a must read for all women.

Everything Human Design related that I’ve done. For those who are interested in HD but not quite enough to invest 5 figures in a course, I’d start with a basic reading and some personal research. Interior Creature is a fantastic blog that I relied heavily on at the beginning of my HD journey and I offer basic readings over zoom to start understanding and embodying the foundational pieces of your design  

My private coach, Kate Harlow. I signed up for a year of working with her, which includes 1:1 coaching, group coaching and a Greece retreat in October (fingers crossed the world allows it!) My work with Kate has absolutely revolutionized my mindset, my relationships, my attitude, my perspective and my goals. I highly recommend every woman with a dream find and hire a coach that resonates with them. Being supported as we make big, bold, brave moves in life is so important and so worth the money! 

Kathrin Zenkina, aka Manifestation Babe. This woman is not only brilliant and wildly accomplished, she is hilarious and so down to earth. I have learned so much about manifestation from her podcast and her free content on her Instagram page, but I have also found a community in which I feel validated, seen and heard for who I am and where I’m at right now on my journey. 

What’s next for you and your business?

The next big thing that’s coming up for me in my personal life is moving to Australia! My partner is from Sydney and when we visited in late 2019 I absolutely fell in love with the country, which I never thought I would.

I later learned I have astrological lines going through many different parts of Australia so it makes sense. Our tentative plan is to travel at the beginning of June so cross your fingers for me that Covid will allow it! We’d like to spend a few months catching up with friends and family in Sydney and then travel around the country for the rest of the year. 

In my business there are a lot of big things coming (hello manifestor vibes). I’ve always got a ton of ideas and projects on my plate. Currently I am accepting 1:1 clients into my private coaching program, The Freedom Method. I’ve opened up two spots and I am so excited to welcome in my next soul clients and continue helping women create their dream lives.

With that being said, I am beginning to move towards widening my impact with more course-based offers that will serve the masses. Inclusivity is extremely important to me so I’ve been playing with ways to make my work accessible for all lifestyles and price points.

I’m in the midst of creating a Human Design level 1 course as well as a meditation and empowerment package, and considering starting a weekly community coaching program. As a manifestor the ideas just keep coming so I’m continuing to trust my intuition and stay open to guidance from the universe. 

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