• Why Today is The Best Time to Be Whoever You Want to Be

    How to Excel In Your Career: 4 Simple Tips Average Employees Never Follow - How to Make Sure You're Hiring The Right Employee Every Time

    We live in a world where a person who has a camera, takes photos and uploads them online, is a photographer. If he makes a portfolio website, has a Facebook page with a profile photo in which he’s taking a picture of something (or himself in the mirror with his camera in his hands), and […]


  • If You Feel Like Your Happiness Is Slipping Away, Read This

    How Being Smart with Your Finances Can Help You Live a Luxury Life

    I usually preach letting go of the need to control everything. I say it’s an illusion and living with it only causes suffering. That’s because we can’t change what’s happened in the past, and can’t predict what the next moment will bring. And having regrets, being worried, making plans, having expectations, comparing and overthinking – […]


  • Zen Morning: Finding Peace in The Early Hours of The Day

    drinking coffee in the morning while working from home

    For most people early mornings are the worst time of the day – they start with waking up in an awful mood, being in a hurry as there’s not enough time to get ready, craving coffee, not eating, leaving the house in a rush and often forgetting something. Basically, the very first thought of their […]


  • How to Become a Progress Fanatic

    5 Ways to Develop Emotional Intelligence at Work - 7 Key Differences Between a Boss and a Leader

    Progress is such a positive word. After all, we all want to move forward in life, achieve more, double our results, perform better and feel good about it. And all that is a result of developing super successful habits and staying consistent. Because progress is a process, a never-ending journey that shows you better sides […]


  • The Real Face of Discipline: What is It and How to Get It

    6 Common Goal-Setting Mistakes to Avoid - how to achieve anything in life - how to turn your life around

    Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. ~ Jim Rohn Discipline is the one skill you need to master that will bring you optimum results. Actually, things you’ve never imagined you may achieve will become the norm for you. But it’s not easy to have it in your life. It takes time, consistency, dedication, […]


  • How to Drink Your Morning Cup of Coffee in Peace

    I’m not a fan of hectic mornings. Start your day like that, and it will only get worse. Instead, I prefer to have time, rituals, be alone, do some creative work, do pleasant things, and most importantly – find peace. Because if I don’t find it at this time of the day, my next chance […]