After I created a long list of the traits of happy people, and basically outlined the way they think, it’s worth mentioning what the opposite type of people do.

Negative people are everywhere. And we are like them at least in some situations in our daily life.

But pessimism makes us miserable. It’s like a disease and spreads from one person to another.

However, if we notice it now and do something about it, we can remove that burden from our life and make space for happy thoughts in our head.

The change in the world starts by changing ourselves. And the daily negative thoughts that pop up in our heads constantly are the first thing we should focus on.

Being negative is just an approach to life, an attitude, a way to live. And it can be turned around, of course.

Here are the main traits of negative people and the thoughts they have that make them miserable and prevent them from achieving something in their life:

1. They always analyze what can go wrong.

Life is uncertain, that’s a fact. But making it your priority to think about everything that might go wrong in any given moment is a torture.

Negative people, though, are so concentrated on that daily. So many bad scenarios and events go through their heads all the time. That’s why we can’t see them smiling.

But if you realize that this is life’s nature, that’s how things are supposed to be and accept that everything can happen, you might as well enjoy it, take the journey and make the best of whatever life throws at you.

2. Negative people assume others won’t like them.

They do that about every person in front of them.

They are so negative that they don’t believe people can actually respect, love, appreciate and even want to be around them.

But look around! There are so many people in your surroundings that give you their time and attention every single day. And you may just be taking it for granted.

Also, believe you’re worthy of being loved and respected. You’re a confident individual and if you decide to unleash that inner nature of yours, you’ll have many more people around you that like you for who you are.

3. For them failure is the most probable outcome.

Negative people imagine their failures in details. They see themselves failing long before it actually happens, and we can even say that they are the ones who sabotage their success.

Because failure is an important part of our learning and growing process. It’s inevitable if we want to gain knowledge and experience and every mistake gets us closer to what really works.

All successful people in the world have failed more than you can even imagine. And that was part of their journey. A part they can’t replace.

So embrace failure. Know how to accept it, learn from it and even benefit from it.

4. They don’t have hope.

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Most pessimists are hopeless. They don’t believe something good will happen to them, don’t think there’s always a chance, don’t wait for a better future. They just go on with their lives, spending their days thinking of negative thoughts.

But why don’t you let hope rise again? It’s a beautiful thing, and so powerful that in certain difficult moments later in your life it can become the only reason to keep going, to take a risk, or to even find meaning in life.

So keep your hope alive, it’s healing. Keep dreaming. Great things do happen. And until then you can at least spend that time being happy.

5. They think things can only get worse.

Not only do they refuse to believe in the good outcome of events, but they are being absolutely negative about it. To the point where they are sure that only worse things can happen from now on.

But that’s such an awful way to approach life!

Good things are everywhere too. Why not focus on them?

See, there’s no actual logic in the way negative people think. That’s why embracing the positive mindset is one of the best things you can do. And it’s worth working on.

6. For them life is unfair.

Life isn’t good or bad. It’s just what it is – an adventure, a journey full of surprises, something you can find meaning in, or a nightmare, if you choose to live it that way.

It’s all in your head. It’s one life and can be lived in so many ways. But your attitude and daily thoughts determine whether it will be a happy, or an unhappy one.

7. They think people are bad.

People do bad things. But good deeds are also something we can hear about daily.
Again, it’s a matter of choice. You may prefer to see only the bad in people, and thus always expect them to lie to you, to hurt you and be rude. And probably that’s what they’ll do.

But if you open your heart and send them love without expecting anything in return, if you find their good traits and ignore the rest, you’ll be surrounded by amazing human beings that will increase your level of happiness daily.

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8. Accidents may happen at any moment.

True. But so what? Should we be afraid every second of each day?

Can’t we just live in peace, still prepare for what might happen, but also accept it and expect the best? Of course, we can.

9. They are afraid they might lose their job.

You can. Especially if you’re working for someone else.

But instead of wasting your time and energy getting discouraged, it’s better to work hard, go the extra mile, get better in what you do and get things done.

This way you’ll become an employee everyone would love to have even if something happens with your current position.

10. They think they won’t succeed in life.

Not only do negative people constantly think about failure, but they don’t even consider success an option. And that’s why it never comes.

But it’s as possible as failure. They go together most of the times. And until you believe that if you work hard, dedicate time and effort and are willing to take action every day towards your goals, there won’t be any limits or anyone that can stop you, nothing will happen.

11. They don’t think there’s something to be grateful for.

Negative people choose to see what’s missing in their life. They see what others have that they don’t. And feel even worse.

But there are so many reasons to smile and feel thankful for in your life right now.

What about all the beautiful people, the pleasant memories, the hardships you’ve been through that made you who you are today? There are also the opportunities that are everywhere around and just wait for you to take them.

The amazing world we live in that has so many places you have to see, the chance to change yourself for the better every day and start creating a brighter future now.

12. They don’t believe in people’s potential.

what successful people when they wake up in the early morning and before breakfast

For pessimists people are just average beings. They can achieve only so much, and after that there’s no point in even trying.

But what about all the exceptional individuals around the world who have done the impossible?

What about all the times people showed extreme willpower, found hope in the darkest of times, transformed their lives and started over, mastered a skill, became famous, reached the ideal lifestyle, etc.?

We’ve got powers inside us, waiting to be unlocked. There’s potential in our veins, greatness in our blood. But it all starts with believing in it.

Then, we’ll have the courage and confidence to take things to the next level, try harder, take risks, make big decisions and change directions.


So that’s what’s going on in the head of a negative person. Not a good picture, right?

Then, if you don’t want to become one of them, simply choose the opposite thoughts – the happy ones, that lift you up and give you a reason to love the life you already have.

How many of these traits of negative people sound familiar to you? Do you struggle with pessimistic thoughts and what are you doing about it?