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  • Non-Attachment: How to Stop Your Possessions from Controlling You

    how to create the best morning ritual

    Do you like yoga? If you’ve ever attended a yoga course that went beyond the physical aspects of the practice, you probably encounter the term vairagya. It means detachment from materialistic life.  The term does not indicate the volume of our possessions. It rather indicates our attitude towards the things we possess. No; you don’t […]


  • 12 Daily Health Habits You Thought You Were Doing Right

    How To Boost Your Energy and Vitality for A Successful Life - buddha quotes on live - buddhist quotes

    From getting out of bed to elevating our legs at the end of a long day, we go through our days largely on autopilot, hardly thinking about many of our regular activities. However, just because we do these tasks every day doesn’t mean we’re doing them correctly. Below, we reveal 12 daily health habits that […]


  • What Are The Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Therapy

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    Human Growth Hormone therapy has been used in medicine since 1985 and helps to treat Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD). It can cause various symptoms such as: Low bone density Decreased muscle mass Decreased metabolism High cholesterol Type II diabetes Depression Poor memory function Poor concentration Fatigue High anxiety What is HGH Therapy used for? […]


  • What is Biohacking (Plus 6 Reasons to Give It a Try)

    What is Biohacking (Plus 6 Reasons to Give It a Try)

    These days, pretty much everything is considered a hack. If someone leaves their Facebook open, it’s essentially hacked by others. If you come up with quirky, unconventional ways to solve problems, they end up being considered a lifehack, for better or worse. That expands to just about everything from money and finances to lifestyles and […]


  • 16 Ways to Get Relaxed After Being in Deep Depression

    Where Do The Most Motivated People in America Live, According to Researchers

    A severe bout of depression can be a life-changing event. Recovery is not an easy road, but it is possible. Although it’s likely you might be taking antidepressant medication, you also need therapy. A therapist or counselor will teach you techniques you can use to keep yourself centered and focused on the path ahead. It’s […]


  • What’s The Difference Between Spiritual and Personal Growth

    Your Way to Success Begins with You. Here's What You Need to Get There.

    Someone believes that reading spiritual literature already means spiritual development. For someone, doing yoga, meditation psychotechnics, and mantra signing are all forms of spiritual development. Alternatively, positive thinking is to develop spiritually. If to look through vocabularies, the given definition of the word «personality», one may see many differences in the definition. All of them […]


  • 8 Memory Hacks to Maximize Brain Power

    7 Memory Hacks to Maximize Brain Power

    Maximizing brain power is yet another area of life you can hack. With the right memory hacks, you can remember more, be a better learner, and forget less. The capacity of our mind is unlimited, especially when it comes to consuming and retaining information. However, due to some of our bad habits, the lack of […]