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  • How to Commit to Living Healthy Every Day

    9 Steps on Your Journey to Financial Freedom

    It’s the question that so many of us want answered. Everybody wants to live healthily because looking after your mind and body is instinctual. However, the things we have to do to live well aren’t always clear or simple to achieve. How do people commit to living healthy every day? Well, we’re going to answer […]


  • 8 Bad Habits That Age You Faster

    Organize Yourself: How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

    Aging is a natural part of life and nothing to worry about. The truth is, we’ve got heaps of dangerous habits. Here are eight habits you may be doing daily, which make sure you age prematurely. 1. Too much stress A little stress is quite natural and we are made to cope with it. But […]


  • The Brain-Boosting Power of Nuts

    Productivity boosting foods for brain performance, focus and clarity in daily life:

    Optimizing your bodily functions with diet is one of the newest crazes to hit mainstream attention these days. It seems that everybody has, at the bare minimum, some omega-3s lying around to help keep their brains happy and healthy. Besides reaching for a bottle of supplements, there are other ways to add in some valuable […]


  • How Be Healthy and Save Money at The Same Time

    How to Use The Morning Pages Exercise as a Therapy

    Good health is perhaps the finest blessing we can enjoy. But it’s only when it falters that we recognize it was there in the first place. You take sudden desperate measures to offset the signs of a cold or to relieve the symptoms of the flu that hit you like a truck. You dash to […]


  • How to Use Meditation to Destress and Help You Fall Asleep

    Habits Are The New Goals: Why Habits Matter and Where to Start

    You might think of meditation as something you do first thing in the morning, and that’s certainly an excellent time for a meditation session. Meditation can do many things, including providing you with clarity and energy for the day. However, meditation can also be soothing, relaxing, and a great practice before bed. The National Sleep […]


  • 5 Signs of Good Mental Health

    How to Set Goals and Be Motivated in 2018

    Did you know that 1 in 5 adults in the US experiences mental illness every year? In addition, nearly 10 million Americans face a serious mental health problem that has consequences on at least one aspect of their life? Not only do we not talk about mental health enough, but we’re often not sure how […]