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  • The Brain-Boosting Power of Nuts

    Productivity boosting foods for brain performance, focus and clarity in daily life:

    Optimizing your bodily functions with diet is one of the newest crazes to hit mainstream attention these days. It seems that everybody has, at the bare minimum, some omega-3s lying around to help keep their brains happy and healthy. Besides reaching for a bottle of supplements, there are other ways to add in some valuable […]


  • How Be Healthy and Save Money at The Same Time

    How to Use The Morning Pages Exercise as a Therapy

    Good health is perhaps the finest blessing we can enjoy. But it’s only when it falters that we recognize it was there in the first place. You take sudden desperate measures to offset the signs of a cold or to relieve the symptoms of the flu that hit you like a truck. You dash to […]


  • How to Use Meditation to Destress and Help You Fall Asleep

    Habits Are The New Goals: Why Habits Matter and Where to Start

    You might think of meditation as something you do first thing in the morning, and that’s certainly an excellent time for a meditation session. Meditation can do many things, including providing you with clarity and energy for the day. However, meditation can also be soothing, relaxing, and a great practice before bed. The National Sleep […]


  • 5 Signs of Good Mental Health

    How to Set Goals and Be Motivated in 2018

    Did you know that 1 in 5 adults in the US experiences mental illness every year? In addition, nearly 10 million Americans face a serious mental health problem that has consequences on at least one aspect of their life? Not only do we not talk about mental health enough, but we’re often not sure how […]


  • What is Telehealth and How Is It Used in Healthcare

    best careers that make a difference

    The term Telehealth refers to the provision of healthcare with the use of technology. Health-related services can be provided to patients outside of the traditional facilities thanks to virtual communication and digital information. While this is a broader term, you might also hear about telemedicine. That involves only the clinical services provided through a piece […]


  • Non-Attachment: How to Stop Your Possessions from Controlling You

    how to create the best morning ritual

    Do you like yoga? If you’ve ever attended a yoga course that went beyond the physical aspects of the practice, you probably encounter the term vairagya. It means detachment from materialistic life.  The term does not indicate the volume of our possessions. It rather indicates our attitude towards the things we possess. No; you don’t […]


  • 12 Daily Health Habits You Thought You Were Doing Right

    How To Boost Your Energy and Vitality for A Successful Life - buddha quotes on live - buddhist quotes

    From getting out of bed to elevating our legs at the end of a long day, we go through our days largely on autopilot, hardly thinking about many of our regular activities. However, just because we do these tasks every day doesn’t mean we’re doing them correctly. Below, we reveal 12 daily health habits that […]


  • What Are The Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Therapy

    being an introvert

    Human Growth Hormone therapy has been used in medicine since 1985 and helps to treat Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD). It can cause various symptoms such as: Low bone density Decreased muscle mass Decreased metabolism High cholesterol Type II diabetes Depression Poor memory function Poor concentration Fatigue High anxiety What is HGH Therapy used for? […]


  • What is Biohacking (Plus 6 Reasons to Give It a Try)

    What is Biohacking (Plus 6 Reasons to Give It a Try)

    These days, pretty much everything is considered a hack. If someone leaves their Facebook open, it’s essentially hacked by others. If you come up with quirky, unconventional ways to solve problems, they end up being considered a lifehack, for better or worse. That expands to just about everything from money and finances to lifestyles and […]