Kickboxing is a cardio workout that has multiple benefits.

You can decide to take up one of the many kickboxing classes, depending on what your goals of learning the art are. Choosing the type of class to take is the first step towards preparing for a whole new level of fitness.

Apparently, kickboxing classes are classified on whether they are for cardio conditioning, for elements of dancing to self-defense, for one-on-one competition, or for martial arts. Whichever class you choose, you will experience some immeasurable benefits from learning kickboxing.

Why Learn Kickboxing

1. Gives you a boost of confidence.

As with any workout, you will increase your strength and performance, which will consequently increase your level of self-confidence.

Kickboxing gives you the self-assurance that you can defend yourself from bullies because you have learned some uncommon moves.

2. Helps tone your entire body.

Kickboxing is a typical Mixed Martial Arts that combines circuit training with drills and other core exercises, getting your whole body in action.

You engage your muscles in physical work because it typically involves kicking, ducking, punching, side bends and jabbing.

3. Quickly melts body fats.

The rigorous movements involved in kickboxing are a guarantee that you will burn fat.

When I signed up for the classes two years ago, I thought I was just going there for the defense lessons. Two months later, I realized how lean my body had become, and I had shed off some stubborn belly fat.

Well, I wasn’t even concerned with burning fat, but because it happened, I’m much happier I took up the classes.

4. Improves your level of coordination.

Kickboxing exercises demand that you coordinate your motion when throwing the kicks and punches.

Improved coordination makes you better in general body control and movement.

5. Better heart conditions.

Kickboxing is an intense workout that forces your heart to remain in good shape. An increased heart rate will ensure that all your body parts are well oxygenated, helping them function at the optimum levels.

Besides, you will also be able to burn calories, hence keep your body in check.

6. Relieves stress.

Perhaps, you have seen those movies where an agitated actor punches on a punching bag to avoid hitting the nearest person. Learning kickboxing is a stress reliever.

Instead of venting your anger on someone, direct all that negative energy to the punching bag; it can take in all your punches gracefully.

7. Provides an alternative to gym workouts.

Routines can be quite dull. Instead of working out at the gym every other day, introduce variety in your work-out activities. Enroll in a kickboxing class and enjoy the cross-training element to your exercises.

8. Keeps your body hydrated.

The thirst that follows after a kickboxing workout makes your body demand more water than usual. Increased water intake keeps your skin supple and your cells in good function conditions.

Besides, the more water you take, the less hungry you tend to get. This will also help you reduce your intake of junk and fatty foods.

9. Teaches self-defense.

Many people are learning kickboxing not just for the physical workout but also to learn self-defense.

During training, teachers take it upon themselves to explain to their clients why certain moves are essential and why they should engage specific parts of their body. Being able to protect yourself is empowering, especially to women.

10. Helps develop better posture.

If your work entails sitting in an office all day, then your muscles will feel all tense at the end of the day. This is because they remain in pretty much the same position the whole day long.

Kickboxing will help your body get out of the posture it is conditioned to, and get out of a fitness rut. With time, you will realize that your posture will change, and you may also start getting uncomfortable with sitting for too long in the same position.

11. Keeps the mind calm.

As you let go of the day’s stresses, you will find that your mind feels less clogged with thoughts and life’s issues. Kickboxing is an excellent way to kick stress out of your body.

12. Brings fun.

Once you start going for practice, you will realize how much fun there is in this particular workout.

Kickboxing is an excellent cardio fitness choice for anyone looking to shed some weight or improve their health and stamina. If you want to get started, set a budget for a kickboxing class, but do not take it all in one stride.

After reading about all the benefits of the workout you may want to start with all the oomph, but take it slow. Learn more about kickboxing here. Set personal goals, find the right instructor, be honest with yourself, get geared up, and enjoy your kickboxing classes.

 About The Author

Penelope Ann G. Henry is a health buff who loves to exercise to keep herself fit. She went to kickboxing classes 2 years ago but stopped to give more time for her family.